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About Fairway Advantage Pre-approval Program

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Fairway Advantage™ Pre-Approval* Gives You an Edge

Use the Fairway Advantage™ Pre-Approval program and start competing with cash offers today.

With such a competitive housing market, you need an advantage and we’re here to help! We were one of the top two purchase lenders in the country in 2020, according to data from the Inside Mortgage Finance. We are widely known for closing the loans we pre-approve.

We’ve set up our Fairway Advantage™ Pre-Approval system so that our clients can have success in this kind of competitive market. We believe our Pre-Approval competes with cash offers because of our track record and reputation for closing loans.

Through this program, we will work with you to help get you conditionally approved for your mortgage by a Fairway underwriter before you even begin house hunting. Not only does this make your offer strong, but it also gives you the confidence you need to emerge victorious on your quest toward homeownership.

With a Fairway Advantage™ Pre-Approval, we can often close home loans in as few as SEVEN DAYS.

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